Logo / Identity Design for Annihilation Music Library

Symbol and Wordmark for Annihilation Music Library

Identity Design for the Music Library Annihilation Typeface: Futura Music and sound design by Annihilation conquers and destroys. When asked what sound or music to use for high-impact production media, Annihilation is the answer. Because of the explosive quality of the music produced by Annhilation, I arrived at the concepts of power and ending of … Continue reading Logo / Identity Design for Annihilation Music Library

Midnight Dream

Midnight Dream, Graphite, Dina June Toomey

"Midnight Dream" by Dina June Toomey is a graphite pencil drawing of a young woman asleep and dreaming in the nighttime. Her mind and body have become one with the celestial sky. A crescent moon and sprinkle of stars glow above her. Art prints available at society6.com/zjunebug.  

Succulent Flowers in Blue

Succulent Flowers in Blue

Succulent Flowers in Blue was created using graphite pencil and little bit of Photoshopping =) The pattern is seamless and works great on both stationery and home decor items. The blue and white color scheme is clean and modern, but holds a classic look. Thanks for taking a look! Shop this design on Redbubble →