St. Frankenstein Book Cover Design

St. Frankenstein is a wonderfully gorey screenplay by Daniel Benton, for whom I had the pleasure of designing this book cover. The story takes place in modern day Germany among gothic architecture and dark forest landscapes. The highly descriptive death scenes and experimental religious resurrections greatly impacted the imagery of the book cover. In a … Continue reading St. Frankenstein Book Cover Design


Logo / Identity Design for Annihilation Music Library

Symbol and Wordmark for Annihilation Music Library

Identity Design for the Music Library Annihilation Typeface: Futura Music and sound design by Annihilation conquers and destroys. When asked what sound or music to use for high-impact production media, Annihilation is the answer. Because of the explosive quality of the music produced by Annhilation, I arrived at the concepts of power and ending of … Continue reading Logo / Identity Design for Annihilation Music Library

Midnight Dream

Midnight Dream, Graphite, Dina June Toomey

"Midnight Dream" by Dina June Toomey is a graphite pencil drawing of a young woman asleep and dreaming in the nighttime. Her mind and body have become one with the celestial sky. A crescent moon and sprinkle of stars glow above her. Art prints available at