Earthtone Pyramid Triangles Surface Pattern

Earthtone Triangle Pyramids by Dina June Toomey

Earthtone Triangle Pyramids surface pattern was made with lines painted in watercolor. I created a series of pyramids of different shapes and colors using a small filbert brush and arranged them in an organic shape. This is a seamless pattern and is available on various artsy products in my shop. Check it out on notebooks, … Continue reading Earthtone Pyramid Triangles Surface Pattern


Succulent Flowers in Blue

Succulent Flowers in Blue

Succulent Flowers in Blue was created using graphite pencil and little bit of Photoshopping =) The pattern is seamless and works great on both stationery and home decor items. The blue and white color scheme is clean and modern, but holds a classic look. Thanks for taking a look! Shop this design on Redbubble →

Taino Mandala

Taino Mandala

This mandala design incorporates symbols from the ancient Taíno culture. These symbols were found inscribed in areas of the Caribbean. The symbols include the frog (coquí), Atabey (Supreme Goddess of the Taínos), the snail, the bird, and ancestral spirits (cemis).